Deacon Serves Up Course on the UGCC Catechism

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Pittsburgh

This past autumn, the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Pittsburgh offered an online course entitled, “Byzantine Christian Catechesis and Christ Our Pascha: A Study of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Catechism.” The course explored the three main pillars of Byzantine Christian catechesis—the Faith of the Church, the Worship of the Church, and the Life of the Church—as presented in Christ Our Pascha. Students were able to explore the ministry of catechesis and evangelization in support of the Church’s mission to transmit the Gospel and make disciples of all nations. Students were expected to complete all the assigned readings over an eight-week period, participate in online discussions, and to complete a weekly learning journal in which they listed ideas and insights which they could then apply and integrate into their life of faith in the world (apostolic labours).

This course, a first of its kind in North America, was taught by Fr. Deacon Daniel Dozier of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma who has a MATS in Biblical Exposition and a MA in Organizational Leadership.

On Knowledge of the Catechism

I strongly reminded the priest-pastors about this great and holy obligation before God (to teach catechism), and now I come to you, Dear Brothers and Sisters, to you, fathers of Christian families, to you, Christian mothers, to you, Brothers and Sisters, members of various church brotherhoods. Help our priests, help me, your Bishop-Pastor, to spread among the people, but especially among the youth, a knowledge of the holy faith, a knowledge of the catechism. This is the best way to contribute according to your abilities to pastoral work in the church, this is the best way to fulfil in concrete action the Christian commandment to love one’s neighbour, and thus you will also show the best and greatest love to your own people… And may Almighty God bless you and help you understand the importance of catechetical teaching, and that you must do everything, in order to know the catechism well personally, and teach it to your children.

Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky
Works (Moral – Pastoral), April 1937
Lviv: Svichado, 1994, pp. 312-313, 316.